Leap Green has been spearheading since year 2015, a pioneering initiative of providing State Level Forecasting for Wind Power Generation for the entire cluster of wind mills installed in the State of Tamil Nadu.

This initiative has helped Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited load dispatch centre to evacuate wind power with improved planning and scheduling with other available Conventional Power Generation Sources.

For the purpose, Leap Green has tied up with a reputed Global Weather Forecasting Organisation based out of Switzerland with the help of support from the Indian Wind Power Association a leading Industry Association representing the interests of the Wind Industry in India.

With the said profound support, Leap Green has been able to independently develop high quality algorithms to provide forecasted wind generations for the 8,500 MW of installed wind capacity in Tamil Nadu, prospectively for a 14 day period, region wise, wind pass wise, EDC wise in 15 minutes time slot with reasonable levels of accuracy.

Encouraged with results of the forecasting profile in Tamil Nadu, Leap Green is in the process of replicating the same for the State of Rajasthan and potentially for all the Wind States in India.