Environment, Health and Safety

At Leap Green Energy, we aim to benchmark our values to catapult our society and environment to better height. The foundation of our business united with charity enables Leap Green to extend support and help backward sectors of society to promote culture, education and the environment.

To protect our environment and safeguard social attributes that make or break a society, we have integrated a policy that is drafted to better the conditions and to maintain a sustainable approach through and across our endeavours in the Energy sector.

Available as a download, we share with you, our QUALITY, HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY STATEMENT that aims to give back to the environment, and operate under sustainable conditions that strive towards betterment.

Leap Green Energy believes in compassion, coherence and committment. We aspire to create a working environment that is healthy, sanitary, wholesome, productive and safe. We take safety seriously and do not encourage any work that could be problematic and dangerous in nature. We urge our members to execute duties in compliance with the norms associated with Leap Green, to promote a safe, secure and standardised work culture.