Saved planet Earth from
595250 tonnes of Co2 emissions in 2015

Wind Power

Wind Energy is a most reliable source of green power. We at Leap Green have about 453MW of wind assets in Tamilnadu, Rajasthan and Madhya pradesh states and our company plans to expand to beyond 2500MW in two to three years. We are also exploring possibilities of entry into other states in India with good wind energy potential and will hopefully have a plan any time around.


Since Leap Green is focused on generating power only from renewable sources, biomass is also one of the ways available to achieve our mission.The focus will be primarily on waste from agricultural crops, bagasse, wood chips and falt growing / regenerating shrubs or trees that can be grown and cultivated in dry / rainfed lands on a large scale. We are targeting regions with sufficient availability of Biomass wastes, friendly policy for incorporation, and areas with large waste lands.