India has a huge potential in renewable sources. India's wind energy potential is about 302 GW. India's targets 170 GW of renewable energy by 2022 that includes 60GW of wind energy in which 15% - 20% of grid capacity has to come from Renewable Energy.

This implies that renewable energy will make up 72% of the 241 GW of total additional energy planned from 2017-2022. In Tamil Nadu, the growth in energy consumption is expected to be about 8% per annum

India's total wind-power capacity is about 28083 MW as on 31st March 2017 of which Tamil Nadu's wind-power capacity at about 7684 MW attributing to 35% of the country's capacity. Tamil Nadu is a major contributor to wind energy in India.

According to Indian Wind Power Association (IWPA), Coimbatore has an installed capacity of 3463 MW of wind power (about 14.3% share of all India capacity) and Tirunelveli has an installed capacity of 4221 MW of wind power (about 17.5% of share of all India capacity).

Green power procurement is a growing concept in many of the developed countries. The branding and usage of green power is fast catching up in India with the advent of the Renewable Energy Certification (REC) as one of the many first steps.

We foresee a great demand for green energy in the near future, with the presence of Global Information Technology companies and large multinational companies.